About Us

Welcome to Big Head Burger

My very first food memory, was of eating a really big burger, which was bought for me, by my mother when i was 4 or 5. That introduction into food by her and my other family members is the reason I love food. Food is a love story. The young boy on a burger rocket, is a metaphor. Cosmonauts use space to discover new worlds, and the rocket takes them there. For me the burger was that vessel, that propelled me to discover new worlds, but that new world was different cultures, foods.

The reason that logo is what it is, is because I want everything to be seen through the lens of a young child. From our shakes, (which are essentially cake and ice cream, a child's favorite).

In 2016, I had the vision for Big Head Burger in a dream.  In that dream, was the imagery for the logo, name, menu and concept.  All I had to do was write it down.


George Kellam
Service is personal! My server asked me about my day and I felt welcomed not just another dollar. Food is delicious and I recommend the big head fries yummy! Definitely my new weekly treat yourself spot
Bobbie Weekley
Thank you for The Classic Burger tonight and well wishes ❤️ You know I had to get me a “smash burger & some of them Big Head Fries after getting out of the hospital 😋 This food is the best in town 💯 If you want a 🍔 get you one if these you’ll fall in love. Have a great night.
David Hamer
One of the best "Smash burger" style hamburgers I've ever had. Locally owned and very good prices. Service was very quick, and staff was friendly too.